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Impero Romano

Roman Empire

Roman Ardelica was a town of Gallia Transpadana that occupied the site of the modern Peschiera del Garda, at the southeast angle of the Lacus Benacus (Lago di Garda), just where the Mincius (modern Mincio) issued from the lake. The name is found under the corrupted form Ariolica in the Tabula Peutingeriana, which correctly places […]
Tourism Peschiera - Età del Bronzo

Bronze Age

2011 UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE SITE: The Pile dwellings in Peschiera del Garda The Prehistoric Pile Dwellings around the Alps include aselection of 111 out of the merely 1000 known archaeologicalpile-dwelling sites in six countries around the Alps including 19sites in Italy and in particular 2 in Peschiera area; Frassino Lakeand Belvedere. This area has remains […]
biglietti Movieland - il parco di Hollywood

Movieland – The Hollywood park

HISTORY Located on the Verona’s side of Lake Garda, CanevaWorld hosts nowadays 5 resorts: in addition to the amusement park we can find an aquatic park “Caneva Acquapark”, two restaurants “Medieval Times” and “Rockstar Restaurant” and a summer disco outdoors “Night Festival”. The adventure began with the Dancing Caneva Ballroom, which was founded in the […]
Gondola Tour Tourism Peschiera

Gondola Tour

Gondola Tour STORY Between the 16th and the 17th century the city of Peschiera del Garda was surrounded by a Venetian pentagonal fortress built for defence under the supervision of the Duke of Urbino Guidobaldo II della Rovere, general commander of the Venetian militias. Since the 9th of July 2017 the fortress is part of […]
Eintrittskarte Gardaland - Vergnügungsparks - Tourism Peschiera

Gardaland – Amusement park

This huge amusement park- the largest of Italy- offers many family activities and attractions, which enable guests of all ages to have a great time together! Not only is it perfect for families, but it also offers great options for the most audacious guests, with its breathtaking choice of rollercoasters.  Every day there is a […]