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Biglietti Sea Life Aquarium Gardaland

Sea Life Aquarium Gardaland

STORY The Sea Life Aquarium Gardaland was made in 2008 and it is the first themed aquarium in Italy. This colourful and fascinating location hosts more than 5000 marine species and gives the possibility to observe the beauties of the sea closely, feeling part of this setting. The scenic aspect given by the disposition of […]
Biglietti Torre di San Martino della Batttglia

San Martino and Solferino

HISTORY The tower of San Martino is a historic building that celebrates the entire Risorgimento era, from the first war of independence in 1848 to the conquest of Rome in 1870. More precisely, the monument was built starting from 1880 on the highest hill of San Martino, following the battle between the armies of Sardinian, […]