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Biglietti Torre di San Martino della Batttglia

San Martino and Solferino

HISTORY The tower of San Martino is a historic building that celebrates the entire Risorgimento era, from the first war of independence in 1848 to the conquest of Rome in 1870. More precisely, the monument was built starting from 1880 on the highest hill of San Martino, following the battle between the armies of Sardinian, […]
Epoche Età del Bronzo - Villaggi palafitticoli - Tourism Peschiera

Bronze Age

2011 UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE SITE: The Pile dwellings in Peschiera del Garda The Prehistoric Pile Dwellings around the Alps include aselection of 111 out of the merely 1000 known archaeologicalpile-dwelling sites in six countries around the Alps including 19sites in Italy and in particular 2 in Peschiera area; Frassino Lakeand Belvedere. This area has remains […]