San Martino and Solferino

Biglietti Torre di San Martino della Batttglia


The tower of San Martino is a historic building that celebrates the entire Risorgimento era, from the first war of independence in 1848 to the conquest of Rome in 1870.

More precisely, the monument was built starting from 1880 on the highest hill of San Martino, following the battle between the armies of Sardinian, French and Austro-Hungarian’s Kingdom.

During the fight the upland was lost and then reconquered several times by the Sardinian Army, which finally managed to prevail over the Austrian army by paying a high price in terms of lives.

Inside the ossuary, located near the tower, the bones of those killed in battle are guarded.


In addition to the historical references that characterize this place, the tower can also be admired for its size and for the artistic beauties that decorate the walls inside, without forgetting the historical finds of the Risorgimento.

Moreover, all around the monument, there is a beautiful equipped park and outside there is also a large green space ideal for relaxing or even for picnics.

All surrounded from the outside by the countryside and vineyards, natural background images characteristic of our area.


What are you waiting for to book your visit? A historical place where you can relive the battle, surrounded by a beautiful natural park and a breathtaking view at 400m high that will allow you to better observe the southern shore of Lake Garda.

The ticket also includes the visit to the fortress of Solferino, a tower surrounded by green hills, also known as Spy of Italy because of its important position during the Risorgimento era.